Yanda Partners

4 min readJul 28, 2022

As a hybrid finance protocol, Yanda has aroused the curiosity of important investors during these five years of activity. As a result, they decided to give Yanda their trust and invest in the project.

The first investor who had faith in Yanda was Startup Yard, a seed accelerator based in Prague, Czech Republic, which is part of the global accelerator network (GAN), a community of independent accelerators since 2011. The Startup Yard’s program, also available remotely, offers a fast-paced 30 hours business and fundraising program for pre & early revenue Deep Tech startups with the primary goal of raising $1m in funding. It uses business development connections in the sector, customer acquisition, and monetizing strategies, and personal introductions to business angels and VCs to help companies develop. The program also offers a guaranteed €20k as a convertible note with the option for higher investment while providing over €1m perks and benefits to help push early startups to the next level. Startup Yard invested in Yanda for the first time in 2018, and then it made a follow-up investment in 2020.

Another essential investor who believed in the project was Flori Ventures, which decided to support Yanda in 2021. Flori Ventures is a seed-stage fund and a portfolio of startups part of the Celo ecosystem and believes in collective power and a community first-approach, using financial innovation and investment to strengthen the relationship. It invests in great individuals with a vision aligned with the company’s values, enjoying doers that will create value for the entire Celo ecosystem.

The company is an advisor and partner with Celo camp, a collaboration that empowers the entities while keeping them independent. Celo is a proof of stake (PoS), EVM-compatible, open-source crypto platform governed by its asset owners. This collaboration aims to help the community of founders build their company while benefiting from the interconnected Celo ecosystem.

The Startup Pathway by Celo Camp is a program that provides funding to help develop and build a blockchain project. It aims to foster and develop as an entrepreneur, learning how to launch and scale a project with the help of leaders in the crypto sectors and developers and designers. In addition, the project aims to connect companies with committed people who can make an impact…


Hybrid Finance protocol linking CeFi and DeFi